July 10, 2017

Highly recommend. One of the best around.

"I broke the front lever on my Magura Hydraulic brake and kinked the handlebar. I went to Lone Star Welding/CEO Jerry for his recommendation about how to bend another handlebar; he referred me on, and finally John (Area Iron & Steel) put me onto Westside Welding. A quick phone call there gave me Mario, who expressed interest as they (Westside Welding) had never had such a request as mine. He took a few minutes to expertly make the correct bend in both sides of the 'bar. Even CEO Mike took a few minutes to add his expertise; I was delighted! Tragically, the installed 'bar did not permit me to do much more than fall over--the original cause of all this problem. Mario was able to use a chopsaw to cut the extraneous 'bar length. How gratifying it was to pedal quite a ways once I had re-installed the doubly-modified bar. It was A-OK! I am extremely grateful to the exceptionally fine Hidden Gem of the World, creative, resourceful and willing to try something new/different; Westside Welding is a great example of that entrepreneurship AND it is local! Highly recommended, one of the best around!"